Quality Assurance 品質保証


Quality Assurance Department is the centre of the quality control process. To ensure the high quality of products, High Precision Inspection Machines are used to monitor different production stages, from Mould Testing to Mass Production.



OSAKA Seimitsu KiKai – Involute Cure Profile, Lead & Pitch measurement Instrument

In checking the accuracy of the gears and their diameter (radius), Double Flank Gear Rolling Testers-OSAKA Seimitsu Kikai from Japan is used for testing. The Runout of Gear, Tooth & Tooth Error and Total Composite Error are measured and tested accurately, from 0 to 6 according to JGMA grading standard.

測量精確度要求高的齒輪,我們採用日本著名的OSAKA Seimitsu KiKai齒輪測量機測檢.齒輪的直徑,齒輪的跳動值, Tooth & Tooth Error 與 Total Composite Error均可被準確的測到,並以日本齒輪協會標準分級,JGMA由0到6.
高精度ギア製品に対して日本製ギア測定専門機械(OSAKA SEIMITSU KIKAI)でギア直径、振振れ、TOOTH& TOOTH ERROR及びTotal Composite Errorまで測定できます。日本ギア協会標準にてJGMA 0-6級まで管理しています。


Mitutoyo RA-1500 Roundness tester

Besides, we have SCHUT DE MEET DM220 and WERTH SCOPE-CHECK 300 CNC which are optics CMM, using touchable or non-touchable method in getting the product data, process fast and accurate testing via specific programme initially inserted. With the Z shaft of the machine, it can measure the real depth of the product. In addition, it can enlarge the image up to 200 times which help too reduce the vision error of the operator and obtain high efficiency.

另外SCHUT DE MEET DM220 and WERTH SCOPE-CHECK 300 CNC是光學的CMM,以接觸或非接觸的方式讀取產品的資料,透過編定的程式,準確及快捷進行測檢。運用機中的Z軸,更可測出產品的真正深度。此外,二百倍放大影像,減低操作員的視覺誤差,提高工作效率。
その以外、SCHUT DE MEET DM220 and WERTHSCOPE-CHECK300CNC光学上CMM,タッチと非タッチ方式でデータを読み取っています。拡大200倍まで可能、ミスを減少します。


Schut DeMeet 220-3D Coordinate Measurement Machine



 OSAKA SEIMITSU KIKAI  CNC Gear Measuring Instrument-Profile Tester  GC-1HP  
 OSAKA SEIMITSU KIKAI  Double Flank Gear Rolling Tester  GTR-4  
 OSAKA SEIMITSU KIKAI  Gear Rolling Tester with Linear Scale            GTR-4LS
 Werth  Optical 3D Coordinate Measurement Machine  Scope Check 300      
 Schut  Optical 3D Coordinate Measurement Machine  DeMeet220 
 Easson  Optical 3D Coordinate Measurement Machine  EV-3020 
 Mitutoyo  3D Coordinate Measurement Machine  BH305
 Mitutoyo  Roundness Tester   RA-1500 
 TOPCON    Measuring Microscope    TMM-50ST   
 TOPCON  Measuring Microscope  TMM-100D
 TOPCON  Measuring Microscope  TMM-130D 
 TOPCON  Measuring Microscope  TMM-130EN 
 TOPCON  Projector     VP-300D 
 BATY  Projector  SM20 
 Mitutoyo  Projector  PV-350
 MEIJI    Microscope  EMT-2