Welcome to Vigor Precision


Founded in 1982, Vigor Precision Ltd has an important status in the design and manufacture of High Precision Plastic Gears and Plastic Components. Our Headquarter is based in Hong Kong, with production plants in the Dongguan City in the Pearl River Delta Region of China. Our factories are equipped with the latest technologies, advanced machineries and facilities. To ensure the production of top quality precision gears, our manufacturing techniques are upgraded constantly. We understand customers’ diversified needs, and have adopted a flexible production method to meet the growing demand in the world markets. 

Our plastic parts and movement/transmission mechanisms are widely applied in different industries like Robotics, Home Appliances, Automotives, Medical , etc.



創建於1982年,力嘉精密有限 公司在設計和生產高度精密的塑膠齒輪和塑膠零件的技術上有重要的地位。我们的总公司位于香港,而生产厂房则设立在中国珠三角洲之东莞市内;厂房设备完善,具备最新技术和先进的机器。为确保高精度产品的的制造,我们不断提高生产技术;我们明白客户多样化的要求,因此采用了较灵活的制作方法,去迎合世界市场的日新月异。