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Multi-field Application

Vigor’s products are widely applied in various fields
In search of excellence
1982 Year
Hong Kong
4 Million
Daily Capacity
Specialize in design and production of High Precision Plastic Gears and Plastic Components, Vigor's products are widely applied in various fields like Home Appliances, Industrial, Robotics, Automotives, Medical, Toys, etc.

Why Choose Vigor

Vigor’s products are widely applied in various fields
Commercial Confidentiality
We care what you care.
In the context of big data and cloud computing, data security is particularly important. We continue to enhance the training of enterprise security to improve employees' awareness of data-security.
Customized Solution
Select the best to meet client needs.
Base on clients’ requirements, combine with market demand and optimize management procedures, to achieve an efficient and orderly production.
Efficient Production
Automated Manufacturing.
Equipped with a fully automatic production line and automatic assembly lines, VIGOR massively improves production efficiency and reduces cost in injection molding, assembly and storage.
Quality Assurance
Product quality is our bottom line.
Vigor strictly abides by process regulations, establishes process quality control points, in key-and -weak points, conducts real-time monitor at each level to ensure quality.