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VIGOR Participated in the exhibition of Techno Frontier2023

Techno Frontier is Japan's largest trade fair for motor integration technology and products.  

As a leading manufacturer of precision plastic components, VIGOR has always sought breakthrough innovation and strives to provide the most valuable services to global customers. With the development trend of technological, international, and highly specialized development, VIGOR focuses on global technological innovation and exchange events and actively participates in them. While promoting Chinese "smart manufacturing" overseas, VIGOR also strengthens industry exchanges and deepens industry future development trends to always remain at the forefront of the manufacturing industry.

In July 2023, VIGOR brought a series of precision products including automobile seat gears, intelligent automobile transmission gearboxes, automatic car doors, and electric tailgates, to participate in the exhibition in Tokyo, Japan.
During the exhibition, VIGOR showed various products to exhibitors and visitors from all over the world. In the trend of intelligent manufacturing, VIGOR also takes advantage of high-tech technology to develop customized products with high wear resistance and high efficiency, focusing on the field of smart mobility, making driving experiences easier, more comfortable, and safe. 

Visitors on-site also had in-depth exchanges with VIGOR regarding product performance and the company's manufacturing capabilities. VIGOR 's products received wide recognition from the public and professionals, and visitors expressed their willingness to establish deep cooperation with VIGOR. 

As the world's largest plastic gear box manufacturer, VIGOR has reliable production capabilities and product quality. The products showed at the exhibition have attracted significant attention, providing good opportunities for cooperation in the Japanese market. 
At the same time, VIGOR has advanced technology and equipment from around the world, and the precision components can meet various demands in the Japanese market.