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VIGOR's Participated in the 2023 World Auto Parts Expo


The 2023 World Auto Parts Expo kicked off in Wuhan China in July 2023. 

As a major event in the automotive manufacturing industry, this expo focuses on the new formats of automotive manufacturing technology and intelligent equipment, showcasing the cutting-edge technology and trends in intelligent car manufacturing to numerous exhibitors and visitors. 


VIGOR, as a high-quality precision component manufacturer and international intelligent automotive component supplier, also participated in this exhibition. 

The expo provided a platform for exhibitors and corporate customers to communicate and interact in the automotive component supply and demand field. VIGOR showed a series of precision products, such as automotive seat gears, automotive electric tailgate gearboxes, automotive charging port actuator gears, automotive rearview mirror electric adjustment gears, automotive central locking gears, and automotive front headlight turning adjustment gears, attracting wide attention with its precision products and high performance. 

Since its establishment in 1982, VIGOR has been committed to providing high-quality products and services to its customers. In the field of intelligent cars, relying on its excellent research and development capabilities and advanced production equipment, VIGOR can provide high-precision and high-wear-resistant custom gears and precision injection molded parts, making intelligent driving easier, faster, and safer. 

Through this exhibition, VIGOR was able to explore new industry trends, showcase the company's style, establish connections and cooperation with many customer companies, explore new markets, and actively contribute to the innovation in the automotive intelligent field, assisting the industry's progress and providing precision product services to more partners.