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2023 Japan Tokyo Automotive Technology Exhibition


The 2023 Japan Automotive Technology Exhibition (NEPCON JAPAN) is a world-leading automotive technology exhibition.

In September 2023, VIGOR, along with a team of professionals, showcased a range of precision products at the exhibition, including automotive seat gears, intelligent automotive drive gearboxes, automotive automatic doors, and electric tailgates.

At the exhibition, the representatives at the VIGOR booth demonstrated the unique features of their diversified products to visitors and exhibitors from around the world. In line with the trend of intelligent manufacturing, VIGOR has capitalized on advanced technology to develop customized products with high wear resistance and efficiency, focusing on the field of smart mobility to enhance driving experiences that are more comfortable, safe, and convenient.

Visitors engaged in in-depth discussions with the VIGOR team regarding product performance and the company's manufacturing capabilities. VIGOR's products received widespread recognition from both the public and industry professionals, with many expressing a strong interest in establishing deep collaborations with the company.

As the world's largest plastic gear box manufacturer, VIGOR possesses unquestionable production capabilities and product quality. The products showcased at the exhibition attracted significant attention, providing an excellent opportunity for VIGOR to further penetrate the Japanese market and establish fruitful partnerships.